Tension Membrane


Why YJ International is a Trusted Expert in Tension Membrane Installation


The creation of typical tensile structures takes a simple process. It begins with design conceptualization, where the shape of the structure undergoes analysis. The structural form is afterwards modified for enhanced suitability to location and stress conditions. Upon completion of design, supporting structures are built in place for steel erection. For the final phase of fabric installation, the membrane undergoes tension, the process of which entails pulling the fabric in opposing directions to form fabric canopies of specific shape. The final tension fully implements the design specified by clients.


At YJ International, everything we do is set to a high standard of detailed structural design and functionality. Our team of experienced membrane installation engineers builds impressive and iconic tensile structures from the ground up, using only compelling design aesthetics and advanced engineering solutions. We commit our technical expertise to complete the erection of tension membrane roof systems while being fully aligned with our clients’ design objectives. For expertly designed, professionally engineered tension membrane installations, call us today and count on us to look after the success of your project.


The Process of Tension Membrane Construction at YJ International

The process of Tension Membrane Construction adheres to distinct stages, among these are:

Tensile translucent roof material is ideal for dramatic illumination. Tension membrane structures have high reflectivity and low sunlight absorption features. This means that the roof material remains translucent but reflects unwanted heat. Compared to polycarbonate or glass material as roof glazing system, tensile design protects against harmful exposure to UV rays and provides diffused glare-free lighting to interiors. Less energy usage within the naturally lit spaces also helps save costs on energy consumption.
Membrane roofs are lighter than conventional roof systems, especially for large span roof. Its lightweight nature enable architects to design structural steel support that enhances aesthetics appearances while achieving optimize steel usage. The decreased weight in steel will also achieve cost saving in the project.
Tensile fabric is made material with outstanding durability and flame resistance. Tension membrane is thick coated and engineered to withstand hostile weather conditions, including winds of up to 100mph. Depending on weather conditions, typical membrane structures have a long life span - polyester/PVC can last up 15 to 20 years while PTFE/Glass can last up to 25-30 years.
Tension membrane can be used to create dynamic signature structures, ranging from small canopies to integrated iconic design for long-span spaces. Three inherent shapes have gained prominence in the tensile architecture industry: the double curve barrel vault, the hyperbolic shape (Hypar) and the fluted cone (Cone). The flexibility of tension membrane material enables architects to experiment with innovative design preferences, from soft curves to¬¬¬ rigid angular folds to go with barrel vault or dome shaped structures.
Unlike conventional buildings, tension membrane structures are stain resistant and require only minimal maintenance. PTFE and silicone fiberglass, consists of engineered materials that are waterproof, anti-stain and fire resistant. Most thick coated tension membrane repels dirt from sticking to the material.
Designers have a variety of tension membranes to choose from to suit specific building projects. Among the widely used tensile materials for outdoor projects, PTFE fabric coated with polytetrafluoroethylene and ETFE, or ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), a transparent membrane which is a better lightweight alternative to glass.
With the use of state of the art architectural software and sophisticated engineering trends, tension membrane structural systems can easily be installed while maintaining strict compliance with the building code requirements in Singapore.

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