Fire Rated Glass

We facilitate a proactive avenue to prevent fire disasters by installing various forms of passive fire protection systems. These systems not only prevent the spread of fire, it also meets the aesthetic and  design .safety requirements of the architects. Our scope of work includes fire-rated enclosure, fire-rated glass screen and door, fire stopping to maintain the fire integrity of the building element and the structural fire protection.




Why Opt for Fire Rated Glass?


Our Fire Rated Glass (FRG) doors and partitions are design to withstand fire outbreak conditions up to 2 hrs. It comes in framed and frameless designs that will suit the aesthetics requirement of architects.


All FRG can be installed in the interior and exterior of the building. They are ultra-violet (UV) stable and able to meet the architectural requirement of U-values and SC values. For interior installation, we have up to 2 hrs frameless partition system with framed doors. All systems are with valid local certifications.


The Process of Fire Rated Glass Construction at YJ International

The process of Fire Rated Glass Construction adheres to distinct stages, among these are:

YJ International is Singapore’s industry leader in fire rated glass construction, reconstruction and A&A works. Throughout the design and building phase, we make sure our clients are beyond satisfied with our brand of servicing.

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