Boutique Bungalow Construction

Redefining the Beauty of Boutique Bungalows

The physical conditions of a landed properties can differ. Some units may still enjoy ideal conditions, while others have experienced deterioration overtime Some homeowners who are not happy with the current condition of their property may carry out desired adjustments through boutique bungalow construction and reconstruction.


Here, we are able to provide one-stop solutions from design to full detailed graphics modelling, authority submissions and professionally managed construction programme


Why Opt For Boutique Bungalow Construction?


We are one of the Singapore’s industry leader in boutique bungalow construction, reconstruction and A&A works. Throughout the design and building phase, we make sure our clients are beyond satisfied with our brand of servicing.


We construct architectural boutique bungalows masterpieces and remodel units from design through the 3D modellin, construction till completion. We create awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece to your dream home.


The Process of Boutique Bungalow Construction at YJ International

The process of Boutique Bungalow Construction adheres to distinct stages, among these are:

We engage the client in understanding their needs and wishes. Detailed modelling will be done and present it to the client. Upon the client’s acceptance, we will work on the details ofto construction design, site measurements, project timeframe, construction estimates, delivery schedules and project materials.
We strive to adhere to industry guidelines and mandated construction and building statutes in Singapore. We will comply with the legal requirements for construction, including Building and Construction Authority (BCA) permits, MOM factory permit, SP Services, Demolition permits, ECM approval and Structure submission for rolling.
We have an in-house professional team of architects and engineers who can execute the construction project in strict compliance with local construction requirement and client specifications. The construction sequence will be as follow: mobilization, ground work, substructure works, superstructure works, masonry work and architectural finishes. We proactively provide our clients in our progression updates and this will maximizes client participation and minimizes delays.
Our customer satisfaction is very important to us. We have a team ready to provide quality after sales service to al our clients. We are committed to client satisfaction. After completion, should the client needs us to in resolving some technical issues, we are glad to provide immediate service response.

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